Friday, July 26, 2013

A Quilting Project

First and foremost, JoAnn Fabrics opens today!! I am officially dubbing July 26th a new town holiday! That’s right y’all, JoAnn Fabrics is coming back to town! I am uber excited :P. We used to have one, then it went away, and now *it’s back*! Totally planning on throwing some money away after work.

On to other news, I told you I’d share my quilt show purchase, and here it is!

My parents saw this at the quilt show and loved it, then turned to me and asked what I can do with it. I've never made up my own pattern yet for a quilt, so this is my first! If you're interested this panel can be purchased from Honey Fork Fabrics, it is called Moda-Beautiful Blessings Panel (Jewel)

This is the quilt pattern idea that I came up with for this panel:

It's not drawn quite to scale, but I did get all my measurements figured out and written in. My parents wanted a throw size quilt, so the completed quilt will be 50"x60". They also plan to put this quilt over the back of the couch, which is why I faced the larger panels/words this direction. The large panels and 2" squares will be the only color in this quilt, the rest is going to be a neutral light color. This way the colors will pop out and they'll appear as if they're floating.

I'm pretty excited about this project, let me know your thoughts on it!

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  1. That outline looks pretty impressive! Lots of measurements to understand and not mess up. Must take a pretty steady hand along with a mathematical mind, neither of which I personally have. Here's to the best of results on your latest project! Let us all know how it goes! : )