Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Pretty Green Quilt

So as I mentioned previously, one of my good friends also got married in 2015. Instead of freezing January, they were a bit more sensible and chose October :P. So I decided as their wedding gift I'd make them a quilt. I went to handy Pinterest to find some inspiration and this is what I found. My friends favorite color is green, so I went out and bought up some various green fat quarters to give the quilt a scrappy look. For the background I chose a pretty basic fabric that was white with gray line detailing to give it a bit of texture rather than a solid color. And I started writing up some plans:

I'm not sure that I can make sense of these plans now! It's luck that an amazing quilt came out of this chicken scratch. Also for your viewing pleasure is a chinese order amongst the chaos (I swear that was not all just for me!), and a list of herbs that I randomly decided that I wanted to try to grow....side note, they're all dead. Never leave me alone with a plant....But if you can make any sense of that disorder, and love the quilt please give it a try! It's actually pretty simple, just time consuming. And if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. From the chaos, this was born:

I am just so in love with this quilt. I was so excited with how it turned out, and my friend and new husband also seemed to love it! For my previous quilts I used the sewing in the ditch technique for the quilting part, but for this quilt since it was a king size, I didn't even want to attempt it. So I went to a small quilt shop in town to ask for suggestions of people around this area that offer long arm quilting services and this is the card I was given:

They're a mother/daughter duo and the nicest people you could meet. I was so happy with the work they did on this quilt, and so fast too! I wish I had more quilts to take to them, buuuut that's a slow process. Though I'm pretty sure I have a couple friends that have found their Mr. Rights. So I may be making a call to them soon!

That's it for now, have a good Friday everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2016

More Party Decorations

Happy Friday everyone!!! So what, you ask, is this crazy lady doing with her Friday evening? Well let me tell you. There is currently a frozen pizza in the oven (Red Baron thin & crispy pepperoni, for inquiring minds everywhere), and I may make a pot of coffee (decaf! calm down). And I hear something....oh yes, that's HGTV calling my name! :P I hope you all are doing whatever makes you happy for your Friday evening!

So back to some more party decorations. Since the awesomeness of my own wedding almost 2 years ago I've still been crafting some party decor. One of my close friends got married last year and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding! So for her Bridal Shower I helped out with the decor:

We went with a Fall theme, so I used burlap to create this Falling In Love banner and made a couple strings of leaves. I was so excited with how it turned out! I also made these amazing chocolate chip cookies. This is now my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe, everyone I've made them for just loves them. I do change just a couple things in the recipe, I use less chocolate chips (I know, I'm weird) and I make the cookies smaller than the 1/4 cup suggested size. I did the 1/4 cup the first time I made them, and wow: that's a big cookie!

Another banner I made this past year was for a coworker that retired:

I think the paw print is my favorite part! :) I'm happy to report Becky is thoroughly enjoying retirement! I've also made a couple banners for a coworker that's been helping throw baby showers for her friends. I made these smaller Mama To Be banners to go on the back of the Mama's chairs.

 The top Mama To Be I used card stock paper in the showers colors and the bottom was for a fall theme. And lastly, more banners! Or possibly garland? Whatever you'd liked to call it. These are some strands of fabric and paper circles I made:

The varying blue and gray decorations were for the first shower, and orange and teal for the fall shower. I love both of these color schemes! And with that I'm signing off to go enjoy some HGTV. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So it's been a while....

Wow, so it's been like 2 years!! Obviously I'm not all that good at this blogging thing, but I'm gonna work on that! So I have 2 years of crafty things I've made to get caught up on! Oh my, where to start where to start?! So btw, I'm marrieddddd! I know crazy, right?! And it's actually already been almost 2 years, it's just right around the corner. Time truly flies when you're having fun. So I'm just going to categorize the craftiness and just throw a bunch of pictures out there! This post will entail party items: decorations, invitations, etc. And go!

So as I mentioned previously, I got married! And I made a lotttttt of stuff for our wedding just to make it more affordable for us. Here are some crafty things that helped make our day fantastic:

 I used an invitation kit that I actually purchased from Wal-Mart to make our invitations. I printed everything, made the initial card and wrapped the whole thing with ribbon to keep it together.

This is a picture mash up of our wedding decor! I cut tulle into squares to gather up a few mints then tied it off with a bit of string. I used a label template I found here on Pinterest that I cut out and also tied into the string. The bookmark program I created myself in a word document. The fonts were free fonts I found through Pinterest. The wine glasses I totally thrifted for! You can find cheap wine glasses anywhere, it's a very affordable and I think elegant look. The mirror centerpiece and artificial flower heads I purchased off ebay in bulk. The Mr. and Mrs. are wood that my dad helped me make. I printed the words out, traced them onto wood and my dad then cut them out. Some spray paint, and walah! Beautiful :). Also in this picture is the little ring pillow that I sewed. I used a button shaped like a snowflake (our theme if you haven't noticed, fitting since it was in January!) to sew in the center and then used a ribbon to tie the rings next to the snowflake. And last but not least, the table numbers that I made. Card stock paper, some layering of lace and ribbon with a bit of bling, and lots of glue to hold it all together! So that's our wedding in a nut shell! At least the decor parts ;).

It was an amazing day :).