Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So it's been a while....

Wow, so it's been like 2 years!! Obviously I'm not all that good at this blogging thing, but I'm gonna work on that! So I have 2 years of crafty things I've made to get caught up on! Oh my, where to start where to start?! So btw, I'm marrieddddd! I know crazy, right?! And it's actually already been almost 2 years, it's just right around the corner. Time truly flies when you're having fun. So I'm just going to categorize the craftiness and just throw a bunch of pictures out there! This post will entail party items: decorations, invitations, etc. And go!

So as I mentioned previously, I got married! And I made a lotttttt of stuff for our wedding just to make it more affordable for us. Here are some crafty things that helped make our day fantastic:

 I used an invitation kit that I actually purchased from Wal-Mart to make our invitations. I printed everything, made the initial card and wrapped the whole thing with ribbon to keep it together.

This is a picture mash up of our wedding decor! I cut tulle into squares to gather up a few mints then tied it off with a bit of string. I used a label template I found here on Pinterest that I cut out and also tied into the string. The bookmark program I created myself in a word document. The fonts were free fonts I found through Pinterest. The wine glasses I totally thrifted for! You can find cheap wine glasses anywhere, it's a very affordable and I think elegant look. The mirror centerpiece and artificial flower heads I purchased off ebay in bulk. The Mr. and Mrs. are wood that my dad helped me make. I printed the words out, traced them onto wood and my dad then cut them out. Some spray paint, and walah! Beautiful :). Also in this picture is the little ring pillow that I sewed. I used a button shaped like a snowflake (our theme if you haven't noticed, fitting since it was in January!) to sew in the center and then used a ribbon to tie the rings next to the snowflake. And last but not least, the table numbers that I made. Card stock paper, some layering of lace and ribbon with a bit of bling, and lots of glue to hold it all together! So that's our wedding in a nut shell! At least the decor parts ;).

It was an amazing day :).

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  1. First of all, congratulations! That's exciting news! I can tell you put a TON of work into your special day. I'm sure it all made it that much more special to you both! Happy to see you update your blog and look forward to more updates in the future Suzy!