Sunday, November 24, 2013

Senior Scarf Christmas

I now have 26 scarves for the Senior Christmas Scarf Project!! That's right, no stuttering here, I did say 26!! A couple wonderful women, that work in my building, are responsible for 7 of those scarves! These are the beautiful scarves that they donated:

I've completed 5 more scarves myself since my last post :). These are the scarves I crocheted:

I'ts getting very close to when the scarves will need to be delivered to the Center for Seniors, so there isn't much longer to complete more scarves! I'm very happy with the number I've been able to accumulate and know that it will make someone's Christmas just a bit brighter and warmer ;).
I also came up with a new idea to go along with the scarves. Since these scarves will be Christmas gifts, I wanted to spread the joy of Christmas, and it's meaning, just a bit more. I decided that I'm going to use Business Card stock paper to put Bible verses on. I'm going to punch a hole in the corner of the business card and tie a card to each scarf. My wonderful supervisor already had some Business Card stock paper that she is letting me use so that I didn't have to buy any!

I greatly appreciate all of the donations I have received for this project! I'm so excited and thrilled that these scarves are almost on their way to their new homes :). I have to have all of this done by next weekend so that I can pass all of this along to my boyfriend to drop off to the Center for Seniors next week! If I'm not back this week, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Stitch Filled Weekend

I completed four scarves for the Senior Christmas Scarf project this weekend! I am so excited and feel like a lot of progress was made. I'm up to 14 scarves now, and need to find a bigger bag to keep them all in :). I shared this project with all of my coworkers, and received feedback that I will have some more scarves on the way! I'm so grateful to everyone that is helping with this wonderful project, and know that the seniors will be grateful as well. These are the scarves that I was able to complete this weekend:

I also decided to try making an infinity scarf this weekend and found this wonderful video called How To Crochet A Round Scarf Step By Step Tutorial on YouTube by LOVE4NAILS. This video was so simple to follow, and I absolutely loved the stitch pattern used in this scarf. I decided to make the 20 row infinity scarf discussed in the video that can be pulled up to cover your head. This is my finished results:


I am in love with this scarf and can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow :). I think I'm now going to use this stitch to make some regular scarves for the seniors as well because I love it so much. Please share the word of the Senior Christmas Scarf project :) and have a wonderful week :).

Monday, November 4, 2013

Scarf Update

I went up North to see a friend and her family over the weekend and came back with 6 completed scarves!!! I crocheted one while visiting over the weekend and finished one up when I got home last night. My friend crocheted 2 and her mom crocheted 3! I'm so excited and now have 9 completed scarves so far for the Senior Christmas Scarf project. Which in the large scheme of things isn't all that much, but it's something and will make someone's Christmas a little better :).

These are the beautiful scarves we completed over the weekend:

There are 3 of the white scarves that my friends mom completed, and 2 of the blue scarves my friend completed :).

Again if you're interested in donating, you can get in touch with me in several ways: email, facebook, twitter, or comment here. Please consider helping these wonderful seniors :)