Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baskets of Love- Senior Christmas Scarf Project

I've always wanted to get involved and do something to help other people and make their life just a little happier, if only for a minute. For school my boyfriend completed an internship at a local Center for Seniors and a couple of weeks ago was going to go in to say hello and visit with everyone. I recently found out about the wonderful Love Scarf Project, and it gave me the idea of making scarves that could be given to the seniors that visit the center. So I asked if while he was there he would ask about it for me. They told him that it was a great idea, and that the scarves could be used in their Baskets of Love program that they do for Christmas. Which is where they pass out baskets full of goodies to the seniors as gifts. So I am super excited for this opportunity to make someones Christmas a little brighter with a colorful, warm, handmade scarf. If anyone is interested in aiding with this program by crocheting or knitting a scarf, that would be absolutely wonderful!! And if you don't know how to crochet or knit and have no interest in learning, it would also be a help to donate yarn to the cause :). If your at all interested, you can contact me by email or send me a message on Facebook. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sure the seniors are going to love their handmade scarves :).

I haven't yet spoken to the Center for Seniors staff personally to get more details. Once I do I will give an update on when the scarves are needed by and possibly a rough number on how many scarves it would be nice for them to receive.

I've already got a head start on this project and have crocheted 2 scarves so far!...



I really hope that we can get a lot of people involved in this project and show these seniors that they are remembered and treasured, and give them a wonderful gift for Christmas. So please share this cause so we can get more people behind it! :)


  1. This is very kind of you Suzy, I couldn't be happier to read this from you! You've really shined a light on how a small task can create happiness for a number of people. Thank you for the post and your goodwill : )

  2. Thank you, and I hope that others will help me in this task :)