Thursday, September 19, 2013

Senior Christmas Scarf Project-Update!

My wonderful boyfriend, whom also had a wonderful interview today (woop woop! so proud of you!), visited the Center for Seniors today and asked for more information for the Senior Christmas Scarf Project. I now know that the scarves are needed by December 6, 2013. For the number of scarves they would like to receive, they didn't really give a number. They serve roughly 400 seniors in the area, therefore I plan to donate just as many scarves as possible without breaking my bank account ;). So we have plenty of time to do some crocheting and knitting, and we'll see how many scarves we end up with! One of my best friends informed me that she is currently learning how to crochet so that she can donate! Her mom will also be donating! My supervisor plans to go through her yarn stash this weekend to also help the cause :).

I'm so excited for this project and appreciate everyone that is helping already! Please continue to share and spread the word! :)

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  1. Your boyfriend must be a really lucky fellow to have a caring homemaker such as yourself Suzy. It's awesome that you're getting people to contribute along with you. I'm sure the seniors will love to receive a scarf for Christmas : )