Friday, October 21, 2016

More Party Decorations

Happy Friday everyone!!! So what, you ask, is this crazy lady doing with her Friday evening? Well let me tell you. There is currently a frozen pizza in the oven (Red Baron thin & crispy pepperoni, for inquiring minds everywhere), and I may make a pot of coffee (decaf! calm down). And I hear something....oh yes, that's HGTV calling my name! :P I hope you all are doing whatever makes you happy for your Friday evening!

So back to some more party decorations. Since the awesomeness of my own wedding almost 2 years ago I've still been crafting some party decor. One of my close friends got married last year and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding! So for her Bridal Shower I helped out with the decor:

We went with a Fall theme, so I used burlap to create this Falling In Love banner and made a couple strings of leaves. I was so excited with how it turned out! I also made these amazing chocolate chip cookies. This is now my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe, everyone I've made them for just loves them. I do change just a couple things in the recipe, I use less chocolate chips (I know, I'm weird) and I make the cookies smaller than the 1/4 cup suggested size. I did the 1/4 cup the first time I made them, and wow: that's a big cookie!

Another banner I made this past year was for a coworker that retired:

I think the paw print is my favorite part! :) I'm happy to report Becky is thoroughly enjoying retirement! I've also made a couple banners for a coworker that's been helping throw baby showers for her friends. I made these smaller Mama To Be banners to go on the back of the Mama's chairs.

 The top Mama To Be I used card stock paper in the showers colors and the bottom was for a fall theme. And lastly, more banners! Or possibly garland? Whatever you'd liked to call it. These are some strands of fabric and paper circles I made:

The varying blue and gray decorations were for the first shower, and orange and teal for the fall shower. I love both of these color schemes! And with that I'm signing off to go enjoy some HGTV. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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