Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2 Great Crochet Patterns for Free

I decided to broaden my crochet horizons and branch out from my usual scarves! I tested out my crochet skills and tried a doily first. I found a free pattern on Craftsy called Aunt Aggie's Trivets. This pattern actually includes 3 different patterns for 3 different sizes of doilies. I made the largest doily and this was my result:

This was the first written pattern I have ever followed, and it went really well. The pattern was super easy to follow and had perfectly clear instructions. I was very excited that my first time reading a pattern turned out to be such a success! I now have this doily on my nightstand and am totally in love with it :).

My next branch out was mittens! Seeing as how we got down to about -25 degrees here recently, these could have come in handy...guess my branching out came just a tad too late, but they'll still come in handy (ha see what I did there? ;) )! The free mitten pattern I found is on crochet me and is called Mrs. Murdock's Mittens. Again this is a written pattern that is super easy to follow. The instructions also include instructions for 3 different sizes of mittens, so that you can get the fit for you (or whomever you'd like to crochet mittens for). I decided to do a color change in my mittens, which is super easy to do, and these are my new mittens:
I feel like I've now accomplished more as a crocheter by branching out of my scarf box with these two great patterns. These two free patterns made it simple to be able to branch out with their clear, simple instructions.

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  1. Handy! Ha! That's my kind of humor. The mittens look quite comfortable and warm, which are the two most important criteria. The doily is unique looking, takes up almost all of your nightstand too! I'm impressed with your two latest projects. Wonderful work once again. Thanks for sharing the patterns too! Stay warm Suzy!