Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Not Dead!!

Sooo, it's been a while....like quite a while. You know how it goes; life gets busy, the projects start backing up. Well, the blog project is definitely one that slipped. For that I apologize to all of you out there that missed my posts (yes, we're going to pretend that you did to make me feel better).

So you ask me, "What have you been up to that kept you away from your blog?". Well let me tell you...


That's right folks, it finally happened! I am currently engaged to my best friend, and will soon be proud to call myself his wife (well soonish). It's a tad weird and confusing at the moment since we live an hour and half away from each other, so one person has to move their entire life. But, it is being configured and it's super exciting and I'm super uber happy :D. The other big change is that I will be moving! I have been living with my wonderful parents that allowed their college graduate to come back home and mooch off of them ;), but I'll be moving into my own apartment in 8 days! Yep, I really just said 8 days. So a lot is changing in my world...but don't worry, the crafting is still happening! And now I have more things to craft because I have an apartment and a wedding to prepare for!!

Here are some projects that I've been working on...

This is a dresser that I repainted. Before being painted it looked like this. This is a different shape, but you get the idea. I have an entire set of this French Provincial furniture in my room, and I've decided to repaint them to give them some new life. This is the only piece that I have completed so far, I still have a larger chest of drawers and my bed to do. Some tutorials that I found to help in my painting ventures are LifeLoveDIY and Centsational Girl. For mine I did prime it first, and I used the clear wax at the end for sealing.

A project that I completed is a doily made with lace size string. If you haven't seen the crochet hook used for lace string, check it out, it will blow your mind. I made this doily for my fiance's mom for her birthday. It took months and months to make, but I absolutely love how it turned out!!! And so did she :).

Another lace doily that I'm still working on is for my mom. I've been working on it for quite some time, and it's still going to take quite a bit more time. When it's done it will have a diameter of 26 inches. The doily above has a diameter of 14 inches....The patterns for both of these doilies is in the Crochet World Spring 2014 Edition. For some reason I cannot find a link to that edition, very strange...

And the note I will leave you with....I bought a new sewing machine!!! Like *new* new!! The sewing machines I have always used have been ancient. I used my moms ancient machine, then I was given an ancient machine. Not saying I didn't appreciate it, they did work for a time. But no more! I am moving into the 21st century! Tomorrow! ;) It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and I cannot wait! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to follow this momentous event :D. Along with the sewing machine pictures, I'll be sure to show you all what kind of sewing projects I've been working on recently :)....more to come soon!

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  1. Congratulations Suzy! Sounds like a lucky guy got his wish by being your fiancee ; ) Also, I love the latest projects you've completed! The dresser is outstanding. Your talent knows no bounds! Glad to see you updating the blog!