Monday, August 5, 2013

Bead Earrings

So over the weekend I made yet another Joann Fabrics run (love it!), I went in for a certain color of fabric for the mystery sewing project that I didn't find, so then I checked out the bead aisle! Ohhhhhh man, so many options! In the past I've used beads to do hemp bracelets/anklets, but I decided to try my hand at bead earrings. And this is what I've completed so far:

I'm kind of in love with all three pairs and cannot wait to finish up some more. I chose the leverback earring kit from Joann's, because I'm in love with that style. They're just so much more convenient, you don't have to worry about them falling out of your ear and losing them. So far these are fairly simple to make, but I'm hoping to try some new things as I become more familiar with earring making.

Let me know what you think so far :).

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  1. It seems like every other day you unveil a new talent/craft! I'm really impressed by all you accomplish and love seeing what else you get yourself into. My favorite of the three are probably the middle set. I like that color blue a lot! As always, keep us updated and keep up the good work Suzy! : )