Friday, August 9, 2013

Hemp Jewelry

On to a new craft! Hemp jewelry! I've been doing this one for a long time, I can't even remember where I picked it up. I believe it all started with a show called ZOOM on pbs I watched as a kid (I just Googled this and apparently it's still on the air!). They had an activity on the show where they showed you how to make bracelets with thread, and a friend and I really got into making them. I think using hemp just evolved from that. I've only ever done the basic square knot and spiced them up with awesome beads. I've tried several different methods to tie them off and have used various kinds of clasps. Below is a picture of a few anklets I have done:

The three anklets to the right use all basic square knots. The anklet on the left was my first attempt at trying to incorporate a knot called the Josephine knot, or pretzel knot. I was pretty excited about how it turned out for my first try :). I Googled hemp knots (I am a lover of Google), and this is the page I found and used to learn how to do the Josephine knot. The video on the page is very helpful.

For the Josephine anklet, I used a loop and bead as the clasp and for the three square not anklets I used a claw clasp. My secret for keeping knots from undoing themselves is to put a little bit of clear fingernail polish on them, works like a charm :).

Update: My sterling silver earring findings should be arriving soon!! Woop!

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