Monday, August 19, 2013

Sterling Silver Earrings

I got a little impatient over the weekend and ended up purchasing the last thing I needed to start making some earrings, which was sterling silver wire. Which has a whole story to go along with it of a unfriendly cashier that is apparently stingy with coupons. Thanks a bunch.....I have wire on the way through Amazon, but it was taking too long :P. So here is my sterling silver stash!

I then whipped up four pairs of sterling silver earrings over the weekend, one of them being the pair for the giveaway!!

These are all sterling silver except for the silver beads/bead spacers in the earrings. And this is the pair I've decided to use for the giveaway!!...

The blog Facebook page is up to 19 likes, so we only need 6 more before someone can win these beautiful earrings! Start spreading the word :)


  1. I've lost count of the number of earrings you have posted about. Lots and lots, that's for sure! My favorites of the new batch are a close tie between the first picture and the third, just can't decide. The third pair puts me in the mind of the ocean, kind of "fishy". I like'em!

    Keep on spreading the word everybody!